Why Flume?

What’s in a name? How much does what you call your agency matter?

In the overall scheme of the things that make a brand succeed or fail, hardly at all.

“The Beatles”, for example, is a terrible name for a band based on an awful pun. We are led to believe they still did quite well.

But when you are actually choosing your name, it sure feels like it has some weight and importance to it. You want it to say something about who you are and what you represent as an agency. And people are interested in why you chose the name you did.

We thought we’d better briefly explain ourselves.

So, why Flume?



    1. An artificial channel conveying a flow of water
    2. A winding tubular water slide or chute at a swimming pool or amusement park

From Old French flum, from Latin flumen ‘river’, from fluere ‘to flow’.

One definition of a flume is a man-made channel that carries water so that it flows as smoothly, quickly and easily as possible to a particular location.

That’s sort of how we see marketing: understanding where people are trying to get to and building a brand that gets them there as easily as possible. There are things that can speed up the flow and things that can slow it down. Identifying these and addressing them is how your brand helps people achieve their goal more easily than your competitors.

Marketing is flume-building.

We see our job as helping our clients make sure the flume is pointing in the right direction and flowing as quickly as possible. That’s one reason we chose Flume.

Another definition of a flume, and perhaps the one that most readily comes to mind now we are no longer building mills and prospecting for gold, is the sort of water slide you get at a water park or swimming pool. It’s the same idea, it zips you to where you’re going quickly and easily and you have a lot of fun on the way.

And we liked that meaning too. Because working in marketing should be fun. Yes, it can be difficult, challenging and stretching work at times, but it’s also creative, exciting and, if all goes well, you enjoy the journey and create a huge splash at the end.

So that’s why we’re called Flume – join us for the ride!