Awards, awards, awards!

Flume are winners & finalists for 4 different awards!

We are absolutely delighted to have be winners and finalists in 4 different awards categories. Better still, each of the awards fits really nicely with things we are passionate about as an agency.

The first, in partnership with our friends at Samworth Brothers, is the MRS award for Business Impact of the Year. We always tell our clients to judge us on our ability impact their business success. Answering research objectives is great, but if we don’t also help deliver business objectives, we feel we haven’t fully done our job. Being finalists for this award is strong endorsement, suggesting that we are living up to our business impact ambitions!

Second, working with our friends at Cranswick, we are the winner of the AQR Qualitative Excellence award. This is special for us for a couple of reasons. Firstly, whilst we’re now a fully-integrated qual-quant agency, we were as a qual agency, it’s still something we’re really passionate about, so being recognised for excellence in qual is great in its own right. But another reason we’re so proud of this one is the nature of the project. One of our agency principles is that the full mix matters – it’s not just the much-talked about brand strategy and comms work that delivers sales for clients, all elements do. And we’re all about delivering sales for our clients, wherever they come from. This was a project about the ranging and merchandising of sliced cooked meats. It’s not the sort of thing people normally shout about. But the sales impact for our client was huge, and that’s what matters to us.

Next, our Founder and MD Debbie is a finalist at the National Business Women’s awards for Business Woman of the Year. Debbie founded Flume at her dining room table almost 20 years ago when female founders were few and far between and has grown it to where it is now – working with some of the biggest brands in the world. We’re really proud of Debbie and this award is just a small part of the recognition her achievements deserve.

Finally, we are thrilled to be the winner of the West Midlands Tech award for Professional Services. Exhibiting our innovative use of technology in both our qual and quant research, our friends at Qualzy help us continuously to gain important insight using online platforms in fun and engaging ways. At the heart of many of our projects, online communities allow us to actively share views and interests with consumers, thus we are thrilled to showcase this.